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Restaurant Coussicca

A favourite to many locals, quality restaurant Coussicca is just a bit outside the city centre – but it’s definitely worth the short walk! Coussicca is known especially from their great steaks. Remember to make a reservation, though!

Pizzeria Napoli

Pizzeria Napoli is the best pizzeria in Tampere, they say. You may need to queue but you can spend the time by going through the 100 pizzas on the menu! If you dare, you can try something local like black sausage pizza.


Theater restaurant Tillikka is set in the Tampere Theater building. The big windows overlook the rapids and the delicious menu includes a traditional stir fry that’s worth a try!

Pispalan Pulteri

Pispalan Pulteri is a must stop on a tour to Pispala, as this homely place is decorated with local history. The menu is also simple but full of local flavours. In other words, the experience does not get more local than this!

Vaakon Nakki

Vaakon Nakki, located in Pispala too, is the forefather of all grill kiosks. Try out their most famous dishes, including Kivimies (Stone man), Parilaherkku (Grid treat), Makkaraperunat (fried sausage and potatoes) and Kuuma koira (steamed sausage inside of sugary doughnut).


One of Tampere’s oldest restaurants, the Greek restaurant Antika, offers a romantic Greek restaurant experience in the historic bakery building in Tammela, Tampere.


Plevna, the only authentic brewery restaurant in Tampere, opened its doors on Satakunnankatu’s Finlayson iron gate on October 31, 1994. Plevna’s dining hall brings to mind Central European beer cellars and lounges. Choose from a wide selection of brewery products and a varied menu of delicacies.


Ohranjyvä serves traditional and delicious home made dishes. Classic dishes from over the years include “Chicken from the Back of the House” and “Puerto Ricon pan” with its flavorful spices. There you’ll experience a piece of Tampere’s history, traditional culinary delights, and fresh brewery products.

Hot wings!


Siipiweikot is Europe’s first restaurant specializing in hot chicken wings and sauces and has served its customers in Tampere since 1993. Wings also available as vegan!


Located in the historical milieu of Kehräsaari, Hook is the king of hot wings. You should also try vegan wings made of tofu!