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Traditional some saunas have been in Finland for hundreds of years, but nowadays, getting access to one is not so common. Luckily, in Tampere region, there are still several some saunas available. For example, the Niemi-Kapee smoke sauna in Teisko can be rented for private groups. Additionally, public sauna sessions are occasionally organized in the smoke sauna.

In addition to smoke saunas, tradition and uniqueness are also evident in Finland’s oldest still actively used public sauna, Rajaportti sauna in Pispala district. Rajaportti has been offering sauna experiences since 1906. Rauhaniemi Folk Spa is also a classic in Tampere. In addition to the saunas at Rauhaniemi, you can also find the Sauna Temple there. This yurt-shaped sauna is heated with wood exudes mystique. These sauna experiences must be tried!

The Serlachius Museums in Mänttä are a full-day destination. Start by exploring the art collection and enjoy the restaurant’s offerings. Make sure you add Art Sauna in your visit! Art is is present from the moment you enter the sauna to even its shower facilities. The sauna’s atmospheric, revolving steam room is an architectural masterpiece. The Art Sauna is available for private use but there are also weekly public sauna sessions. Take advantage of Serlachius Art & Sauna Expres as well.

Sauna in a car? Yes, indeed! Saunabiili is build into a classic Mercedes model – this unique vehicle offers unparalleled sauna experiences with wood-fired stove. Whether it’s an evening, festival, wedding or bachelor or bachelorette parties, or even a hiking trip, the Saunabiili is sure to provide a one-of-a-kind sauna experience on demand. More info can be found here, currently in Finnish only. Equally unique is the floating sauna on the lake, of which there are several in the rgion! Gather your friends or take your family out on the water for a sauna and swim! For example, Tampereen Saunalauttaristeilyt has three different sauna boats.

Special sauna experiences include Sauna-restaurant Kuuma as well. Enjoy the warmth of two different saunas first, take a dip in the cold water and then enjoy a good cocktail or restaurant dinner. Additionally, a new floating sauna will be opened in Ratina bay for the summer of 2024. At Ranta-Tampella, at Laelta, you can enjoy coffee on the sauna benches! However, this sauna is cold and there’s a table on top of the stove. Laelta occasionally organizes open sauna shifts in a barrel sauna in the café courtyard.

Several hotels in Tampere have rooms with saunas. In Tampere, you can also enjoy a gig wearing a bathrobe! In addition to the Arena View rooms, Lapland Hotels Arena offers a sauna-equipped meeting room where you can watch Nokia Arena’s games or concerts! Don’t forget other unique experiences, such as traditional Finnish sauna treatment at Inhimillinen vastaanotto, Saunahoitola Tasapaino’s Vocal sauna or Saunakonkeli’s sauna meditation.