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Feel like exploring the pub and gastropub scene in Tampere? The list of cool spots is pretty long, so let us help you with your game plan. Here are some of the best places to pop in for a drink or more!

Legendary pubs in Tampere

Established in the year 1969 and still working under its original name, Salhojankadun pub is Finland’s oldest British-style pub. Their drink selection consists mainly from beers exported from Europe.

The pride of Tammela suburb, traditional Pub Pikilinna has been serving great beer for over 20 years. The place is known for their relaxed atmosphere and love for sports, especially ice hockey.

Paapan Kapakka is a legendary jazzpub in the corner of Hämeenkatu and Hatanpään valtatie. In summer, the front of pub is full of life with an open area terrace that offers views for the busy street and rapids. In winter, the warm milieu invites you to escape from the frost.

Beer Restaurant of the Year 2017, Olutravintola Konttori is known for its’ vast, fashionable beer selection and continuously changing beers on tap. Friends of sports find themselves there too.

Bringing a touch of Ireland to Tampere, O’Connell’s hosts a bunch of live gigs and a unique, bi-weekly English Language Comedy Night. If you are looking for that international atmosphere and possibly an extensive selection of beer, this is a good place to start!

Huurupiilo is a pub in Kaleva with a long-lived reputation as a gig and comedy venue. Current owner Patrick and his wife Ansku make sure all their customers feel welcome and at home, and pub quizzes and gigs are still a part of the weekly program.

Delicious food and cold drinks from gastropubs

Tampere’s oldest gastropub, Gastropub Soho offers a traditional pub menu and atmosphere with a mixture of good music and sports. Situated in the city centre, Soho is a homely place to spend an evening out with your friends.

Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant is creating beer culture in Finland, producing a vast selection of beers made on the premises. The beers you may taste here include, for example, Siperia Stout – Finland’s best beer of 2015. A very dark and bitter stout also made it to the Adrian Tierney-Jones book: 1001 beers You Must Try Before you Die. Yes, you must.

Chosen many times as the best beer restaurant in Finland, Gastropub Tuulensuu is a cozy Belgian-style gastropub with an impressive selection of beer. Start your tasting course with Lindemans Lambik by a small family brewery in Belgium. Believe it or not, Tuulensuu is the only place outside the brewery you can enjoy this lambic raw, in its pure sour taste. Thanks to warm friendship between the brewery and the gastropub’s owner.

Teerenpeli Beer Restaurant & Brewery’s products won gold medals as the best microbrewery beers in Finland. You beer journey here will be crowned by a smoked lager Suomi 100 Juhlaolut will give a wake-up call for your taste buds. This beer was produced to mark the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence and immediately found itself in Alko’s centenary selection.

With Gastropub Nordic’s origins in the local Gastropub empire, Nordic Brewery produces no-nonsense beers for the slightly more conservative palate. Havu Nordic Ale offered here was one of the two beers in the whole Finland to be honored with the official Finland 100 jubilee mark. In other words, you are going to taste one of a hundred of products Finland is proud.

On Kauppakatu street you can find a cosy pub called Kievari Kahdet Kasvot. They are specialized in Finnish craft beers and whiskeys and they serve good pub food to go with your excellent beer.

Paja Bar pays a tribute to the rock culture of Tampere. The local beers, some of them uniquely produced for the bar, accompany famous rockers’ food. This is the place to open the world’s Best Mild Dark Ale (2016), Ruby Jazz Ale. The amber color and berrylike flavor owe to natural rowan berries (picked in the Tampere surroundings!)

Pyynikki Brewhouse is brewery restaurant owned by Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo and Chef Hans Välimäki.  The selection is vast in quality and quantity, since all the products of this craft brewery are available in the restaurant.

Public House Huurre is working in the same building with Kaleva Brewing Company, which ensures that there is always at least three different “house” beers available from the tap.

Sailor’s Bar & Grill serves traditional night grub and beer from near and far. Try out fis’n’chips or Peremec! Serves also vegetarian meals.