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Arriving to Tampere

A good way to decrease your carbon footprint is to arrive to Tampere with a train or a bus instead of a car. Public transportation enables arriving to Tampere smoothly from anywhere in Finland.

Transportation inside Tampere is made easy with the public transportation. Trams and buses operate around the clock and the handy citybikes are awailable for locals and tourists. Biking is pleasant and easy because of good cycling paths. They say that Tampere city centrum is walkable and it is no joke! Everything is reachable fast also by foot and that indeed is sustainable.

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Sustainable fun

Spend the day in Särkänniemi or in the museums in Tampere. Many of the museums are part of the Think Sustainably service. Museum Centre Vapriikki offers a great museum experience with its Game and Ice Hockey museums, among others. The World’s Only Moomin Museum amazes both the young and the older. Did you know that Tampere Hall, where Moomin museum is located, broduses renewable energy with the solar panels on the roof of the building.

For the daredevils there is Adventure park Flowpark Varala and Särkänniemi. In addition with being a part of the Think Sustainable service Särkänniemi also has Sustainable Travel Finland label. You cannot escape from heights either on Roof Walk Finlayson Area, where the Finlayson area and the city opens up with a new perspective.

If you are not that into heights and prefer shopping, you can enjoy beautiful Finnish brands at Miela instead.

Culture and events

Tampere Theatre and Tampere Factory Workers’ Theatre are part of the Think Sustainably service. In addition to the theatres, you can experience culture at various sustainable events. Enjoy music events such as the Tampere Jazz Happening, Tampere Sävel and Tampere Biennale.

Food and treats

Enjoy a sustainable café and restaurant experience in Tampere. Visit Valkoinen Puu Café and have a taste of their delicious cakes, experience a great menu at Kajo or have a delicious breakfast at Restaurant Puisto. A vegan lunch buffet is served at Papupata in Kaleva.

One of the ways in which Kajo operates sustainably is by clarifying the production chains of the products used and communicating this to customers. In the Café Valkoinen Puu, social sustainability is actively and visibly promoted through equality and equity.

What about accommodation?

There are plenty of sustainable options for those looking for accommodation. Did you know that Courtyard by Marriott Tampere City hotel plants one tree for every Green Choice Deluxe room you stay in? Other sustainable options include the Grand Hotel Tammer and hotel chains such as Scandic.

If you prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can also find sustainable accommodation in the areas around Tampere, such as Sastamala, Virrat and Valkeakoski. Peace an quiet can be also found more closer to the centre of Tampere, for example at the Scandic Rosendahl.

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