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Experience some of the best restaurants in Finland!

Located in Rautatienkatu street, Ravinteli Bertha, is one of the local’s favorite fine dining restaurants in Tampere and has been in Finland’s top 50 best restaurant listings for several years. Bertha is bistro-like and they offer four and six course menus that change almost every day guided by the main ingredients and feelings of the kitchen.

If there already is not enough great restaurants in one street, Restaurant Kajo also located in Rautatienkatu street, offers the purest flavours of nature combined with generous hospitality. The kitchen fills ones plate with savory stories while honoring the origins of food. The menu evolves to provide the best seasonal experience, yet staying firmly rooted in nature. Dishes are recommended to be shared together with companions. And does it even need to be mentioned that the restaurant got on the list of the best restaurants in the country as soon as it opened.

The best meat in Finland? Yes please! Restaurant Huber is the perfect restaurant for anyone who appreciates first-class meat. Huber is the only one in Finland to offer hand-picked domestic, juicy marbled dairy cow meats. Huber’s idea is to eat in Mediterranean style; together and by sharing food.

Enjoy the atmosphere and food in the Market Hall

For the best lunch in Tampere, head to Restaurant 4 vuodenaikaa. 4 vuodenaikaa (four seasons) is a small and idyllic restaurant devoted for Finnish and French cuisine located in the Tampere Market Hall.

Check out also La Marée and their Chef’s Table and seafood & champagne!

For a romantic dinner

For a romantic night out Hella & Huone is the place. This small and unique evening restaurant relies on French style cuisine. The make use of different seasons and vegetables when planning their menus.

Restaurant Sasor is situated close to Tampere Hall. This privately founded restaurant updates their menu three times a year to always be able to use season’s fresh ingredients. Whether you crave for salad or steak, the menu has what you’re looking for. Children are also considered.

Dining 26 is chef Arto Rastas’ 50-seat restaurant in the heart of Tampere, in Aleksanterinkatu street. The menu changes according to the seasons, about four times a year. The kitchen does not use shortcuts, but everything is based on craftsmanship and the best ingredients. Taste worlds are drawn from all the shores of the Mediterranean.

Restaurant LiV, located in Laukontori, is a small, classy and cozy restaurant, which concentrates on European cuisine. They always uses the freshest ingredients of the season in their kitchen. Almost monthly changing menu always has a vegetarian option and lots of other great dishes. The wine list, selected and compiled on the basis of very extensive wine information, contains something for everyone.

The list of the best restaurants in Tampere definitely includes Restaurant Näsinneula. The speciality of this restaurant, on top of great local food, is the changing scenery. Restaurant Näsinneula’s menu is updated according to the seasons, so that the restaurant can utilize the best ingredients of each season.

Famous flavors nearby

The old post office hosts Kangasala‘s most prestigious restaurant in the city center next to the old stone church. Restaurant Paakari, awarded with Chaines de Rotisseurs signs, serves flavors of new French cuisine. The kitchen uses clean, clear flavors, seasonal dishes and top ingredients from nearby venues. The restaurant is also famous for its quality wine list.

Gourmet trip to the middle of art

In the middle of the forest, in the town of Mänttä, on the heart of the Museum Gösta you will find Restaurant Gösta, offering pure tastes inspired by art. Named aptly the best museum restaurant in Finland, Gösta’s kitchen is run by chef Henry Tikkanen. The restaurant serves casual lunches from art menu to burgers, and you can stop by just for a cup of coffee, overlooking the sculpture park outside. On order, you can relish a culinary journey to the tastes of Akseli Gallen-Kallela and enjoy wines in one of the most exciting wine cellars in Finland. At the end of the summer, Gösta serves also as a stage for the popular Mänttä Food Festival. You can even leave the car home and hop on the direct bus from Tampere city centre to the front door of the Serlachius museums, all year round!