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Weekend in Tampere


Tampere is a wonderful city to explore all year round. City’s central location and wide traffic communications have enabled domestic and foreign travelers to get to know Tampere easily. You can read more on how to get to Tampere here!

After checking in to your accommodation it is time to head out to the heart of Tampere. Tampere is rather big city but the main city centre is easily accessible by foot. When travelling with kids for instance you can also rely on the public transport. Blue TKL buses operate widely in Tampere and regional areas.


Tampere has few attractions, which are considered to be the landmarks of Tampere. One of these is Tampere Cathedral, designed by Lars Sonck. The Cathedral is open all year round, but visiting the church is limited during private events. Another important landmark of Tampere is the Tammerkoski rapids and it is no wonder, because the rapids have played important role in the development of the city and industry. You can admire the powerful Tammerkoski rapids from Koskipuisto Park, which is one locals’ favorite spot in the city during summertime.

One of Tampere’s most iconic attraction has to be the Näsinneula Observation Tower. At Näsinneula you can admire the views from 120 meters as well as enjoy lunch or a fancy dinner in the rotating deck of Restaurant Näsinneula. Näsinneula is located in the Särkänniemi Amusement Park area so it is easily accessible also with children. If you are already familiar with the views from Näsinneula you can try to witness the views from Restaurant Periscope’s outside terrace or from Moro Skybar, which is located in Solo Sokos Hotel Torni. Pyynikki Observation Tower and the fresh doughnuts in the tower’s café are also worth a visit.


When the sun is getting down is the perfect time to head out to city center to find interesting events. You can check the daily events from Visit Tampere’s Event calendar. For music enthusiasts we recommend concert performed by Tampere Philharmonic or something from the diverse selection of Tampere-Hall or Tullikamari. Exhibitions in art galleries and museums or the large number of theatre plays is something we recommend for culture lovers. Sport lovers can see matches in volleyball, floorball, futsal, football, ice hockey and many other sports in professional and amateur level. Even children have their fare share of events in Tampere. You can check the child-friendly events in our event calendar from the category ‘children’.

Restaurants and cafés

The perfect ending for the night is a delicious dinner in a spectacular environment. Especially foodies should find restaurants, which are marked with Hungry for Tampere sticker. When you find one, step inside because you have found something unique. Hungry for Tampere -restaurants are restaurants, which serve excellent food, ambient milieu, unique food experience and an interesting story behind the dishes. Hungry for Tampere restaurants are distinctive restaurants that differ from the restaurant world’s mainstream. Tampere is also full of child-friendly restaurants. You can read more about them here.

Nothing beats starting the next morning with a brunch table full of treats. Tampere has multiple excellent brunch spots, but the locals’ favorite are Pella’s café and Café Pispala. If the weather is nice, you can also enjoy your brunch outside on terraces and patios of multiple other cafes or even in a park!


Midday is perfectly acceptable to spend browsing through Tampere’s different shopping possibilities. You can find little design and handicraft boutiques, flea markets and vintage shops as well as international chain stores. The best local atmosphere can be found in the Tallipiha Stable Yards, where lovely boutiques offer their best products or in the fragrant bustle of Tampere Market Hall. In summertime make sure to stop by at the outdoor markets  organized in Laukontori and Tammelantori areas.


Summer or winter, Finns love their sauna. The title World Sauna Capital is the perfect honour to Tampere’s vivid sauna culture. You can find multiple public saunas around Tampere and two of them is located right in the city centre of Tampere. You can also dip in the lake as the locals do!

Breweries and gastropubs

Visiting a brewery or a gastropub will be delightful ending to the weekend trip to Tampere. You can find multiple breweries in Tampere and Tampere region and most of them arrange brewery tours to explain their story and stages behind the finished products. For example, get to know the Pyynikki Craftbrewery (Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo) or attend a guided tasting in the Brewcats Brewery. If you are looking for a bite with your pint, try one of Tampere’s gastropubs such as Gastropub Tuulensuu, Gastropub Nordic or Gastropub Soho.


Two days will fly by in Tampere as it is constantly evolving city with positive energy. There is always something new and exciting to see and experience in Tampere!


Tampere Cathedral

Juhannuskylänkatu 3, 33100 Tampere
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koskipuisto (6)

Koskipuisto park

Koskipuisto, Koskikatu, Tampere
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Restaurant Näsinneula

Laiturikatu 1 33230 Tampere
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Näsinneula Observation Tower

Näsinneula, Laiturikatu, Tampere
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Vuolteenkatu 1, Tampere
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visittampere evening view from sokos hotel torni aki rask

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere

Ratapihankatu 43, 33100 Tampere
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Visittampere Photographing Pyynikki Tower

Pyynikki Observation Tower and Café

Näkötornintie 67, 33230 Tampere
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Pella’s cafe

Hämeenkatu 14, 33100 Tampere
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Visittampere Cafe Pispala Laura Vanzo

Café Pispala

Pispankatu 30, 33240 Tampere
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Tallipihan Suklaapuoti - Christmas - Laura Vanzo-9

Tallipiha Stable Yards

Kuninkaankatu 4b, 33210 Tampere
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Kauppahalli - Laura Vanzo-17

Tampere Market Hall

Hämeenkatu 19, Tampere
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