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Kuttuniska trail can be found in Kuru (Ylöjärvi), by the Karjula river. The trail is a 3,5 kilometer route and you get to see the Karjula river from both sides. Kuttuniska is also part of the hiking route network Pirkan taival!

The path is fairly easy to navigate and the Ruukinkoski campfire place can be found halfway along the route. There is a dry toilet, a wood shed and views to the Karjula river. In the summertime, the paths might be a little wild and the grass may touch your legs, but in the forest the paths are much easier to walk. There are signposts along the way.

The beginning of the trail can be found next to the Karjula dam, and you can leave your car in the parking lot on the other side of the road. You can go around the route in a few hours, depending on how long you stay to admire the beautiful river.

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