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Traditional sauna brings dimensions to the sauna that belong there, but have been forgotten over time.

The key element is vihta. Or vasta. It is an inseparable part of the sauna experience. A traditional sauna healer also creates an atmosphere in the sauna with sauna songs and spells, which are part of the thousands of years old sauna tradition.

Traditional sauna is always a unique experience – the spirit of Löyly is something that is influenced by the atmosphere of the sauna, the synergy between the sauna users, the different moods and what the sauna is celebrated for.

The treatment in the sauna of the villa in Tahmela includes:
– Fully heated sauna
– Traditional vihta treatment
– Vihta shower
– Towel and linen to sit on
– Lake Pyhäjärvi is in the immediate vicinity of the sauna. If you want, you can take a dip in it, even in winter.

The price doesen’t include the payment of sauna.

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