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A bus will take the group to the Suklaatila chocolate farm. The farmer will talk about the farm and the production of hand-made chocolate. After that it is possible to purchase these special chocolates.

Then the group will travel on to Seitseminen National Park, where you will find Soljanen, an accessible trail. At Soljanen you can enjoy the ancient woodland and experience the fresh wetland. Cutting through the middle of the swamps is a nature trail of around 500 metres in length, which is accessible for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs. In addition, there is a 2,5 km long nature trail that goes around the swamps.

Liisa Tyllilä, a professional nature guide from Hiking Travel Hit, will share stories about the national park. She will also talk about the people who lived and worked in the area, as well as settlers and forest-dwellers. There will be an opportunity to enjoy “soot pot” coffee, hot chocolate, juice, sausages and pancakes after walking the nature trail. The group can sit by the campfire and listen to Liisa’s incredible stories. Anyone who wants to, can cook their own sausages and pancakes at the campfire. Finally the bus will take the group back to the starting point.

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