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Hottest Pokemon tips in Tampere!


Time to go hunting! Poke Stops take players to known – and also to less known – landmarks all over the world. To make the most of your trip to Tampere we gathered centre’s most important Poke Stops to one article. On right side of this page you can see a map of locations to help you navigate and from below you have more information on the Stops as well.

Keskustori Central Square is always a good place to start. Go West or East, North or South. Tampere is full of Poke Stops, Pokemon Go -players and Pokemons. On your way to East over the Hämeensilta bridge to reach the most popular Poke Stop in the city centre, Pikku Kakkonen playground, you run past a Poke Gym so you get to test your battling skills right away. On the other side of the bridge is Finnish Maiden which is also a Poke Stop, but unfortunately there is no crosswalk here. Please go over the closest crosswalk since Hämeenkatu is a really busy street. (Mind you: Hämeenkatu and Hämeensilta bridge are under tramway construction from 2018!)

Poke Stops at Pikku Kakkonen playground are inside the playground but you can get to them going around the park – you don’t have to go in disturbing kids’ play. Playground has three Poke Stops – and they sure do lure in Pokemons! From Koskipuisto park you also find a memorial statue that is a Poke Stop.

Head North. Grand Hotel Tammer is one Poke Stop and on your way there stop by Tammerinpuisto park’s Poke Stop. While you continue West you get to Satakunnansilta bridge. Careful here, many cars in this crossroads! After going over the bridge you get to Finlayson main gate – enter here to Finlayson’s old factory area, one of the main sites in Tampere. Make sure to look around and enjoy the red bricks while you walk to Finlayson Palace Poke Stops, Finlayson church and Tallipiha Stable Yards Poke Stops. All together you will find 6 Poke Stops just from these locations.

From Tallipiha’s West gate (Poke Stop) continue uphill to Milavida palace. After spinning Milavida Poke Stop you can continue your way deeper into the park, and near park stage you find a Poke Gym. Park has more Poke Stops as well, so follow those to the big fountain at the North end of Hämeenpuisto park. From here head South and on your way collect Pikkupalatsi, Metso and stop for a battle at Alexander Church Poke Gym. When you go East you end up back at Keskustori. On your way why not see the plaque of Finland’s first radio station (Poke Stop)!

Särkänniemi amusement park area is open almost fully all year long. Särkänniemi has 24 Poke Stops! Four of these are in Dog Hill and another four in the surroundings of Sara Hildén Art Museum. Near MotoGee is a sculptor park with a Poke Gym. Näsinneula tower Poke Stop is the most popular Poke Stop, but for example you can also find a few Poke Stops in Pelitori Game Market. Särkänniemi has some rare sightings, like Snorlax and Golduck!

Other good Poke Stops and landmarks are Ratina bridge (next to the Stadium), Eteläpuisto South Park, Tampere Cathedral, Pyynikki cemetery (next to Alexander Church), Tampere Art Museum, Library Park and Market Hall. If you want to see more than just the city centre – or have time to walk around and look for Pokemons – head East towards Tammela and Kaleva! Emil Aaltonen playground and Shoe factory, Kaleva Church and Ilvespuisto bobcat park have Poke Stops and Gyms. From Sorsapuisto park you will find multiple Poke Stops! Arboretum Botanical Gardens in Hatanpää have many different Pokemons, so that’s also worth checking out.

Here you can find Poke Gyms: Kaleva Church, Osmonpuisto park, Tampere Cathedral, Eteläpuisto South Park, Tampere Art Museum, Emil Aaltonen park, Tullikamari square and Ilvespuisto bobcat park.


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Keskustori Central Square

Keskustori 4, 33100 Tampere
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Hämeensilta bridge

Hämeenkatu 15, Tampere
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Pikku Kakkonen playground

Koskipuisto, 33100 Tampere
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Patosilta - AtacanErgin - reedited by Laura Vanzo

Patosilta bridge

Patosilta, Tampere
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Visittampere Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer

Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer

Satakunnankatu 13, 33100 Tampere
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Finlayson Area

Finlaysoninkatu, 33210 Tampere
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Finlayson church - Laura Vanzo

Finlayson Church

Puuvillatehtaankatu 2, 33210 Tampere
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Tallipihan Suklaapuoti - Christmas - Laura Vanzo-9

Tallipiha Stable Yards

Kuninkaankatu 4b, 33210 Tampere
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Little Palace

Hämeenpuisto 7, 33210 Tampere
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Särkänniemi Laura Vanzo 9

Särkänniemi Adventure Park

Laiturikatu 1 33230 Tampere
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Eteläpuisto park

Eteläpuiston rantapolku, 33200 Tampere
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Tampere Cathedral

Juhannuskylänkatu 3, 33100 Tampere
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Tampere Art Museum

Puutarhakatu 32, 33230 Tampere
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Visittampere Children Having Fun

Emil Aaltonen playground

Emil Aaltosen puisto, Tampere
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Kaleva Church

Liisanpuisto 1, 33540 Tampere
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sorsapuisto_park_pond (1)

Sorsapuisto Park

Sorsapuisto, Tampere
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Osmonpuisto Playground

Tammelan Puistokatu 12, 33500 Tampere
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