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This excursion is best suited for those who like a quiet ride. As a rule, we drive at a slow speed to allow as much time as possible to look at the scenery.

We start the tour by gliding under the Vammaskoski bridge to the Liekovesi side, where the brave Tyrvää Church with its magnificent towers will be the first to meet. The journey continues towards the jumping towers of Kaalisaari, where there is enough hustle and bustle during the summer. From Roismalanlahti we head towards Liekosaari, driving around this island is already a summer tradition. On the way to Kulovesi we see the very beautiful Tyrvään Pappila with parks.

The silhouette of the city of Vammala can be seen on the right as the journey continues towards Tyrvää St. Olaf’s Church. We anchor in front of the church to enjoy boat coffee and can also go swimming if we wish.

After the break, the journey continues towards Ekosaari, which we visit while admiring the region’s magnificent beach cottages and villas. We turn the bow back towards the port of departure and pass by Vehmaanniemi, where we may be greeted by a flock of sheep.

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