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On this trip you can see almost the entire spectrum of Rautavesi and also enjoy some speed boating.

The trip begins with a peaceful glide under the Vammaskoski bridge to the Liekovesi side. We cycle in front of the Kaalisaari jumping towers and continue our journey back to the Rautavesi side. You have some time to admire the silhouette of Vammala city as we slowly head towards St. Olaf’s Church in Tyrvää.

After passing the church, it’s time to enjoy the speed. We accelerate the boat to full speed and head towards northern parts of Rautavesi. You can enjoy nice scenery while driving. We will soon arrive in front of Ellivuori, when it is time to drop the pace and start exploring the waters around Ellivuori.

As we head towards Hiedanvuolle, we are under the Ellivuori bridge. Just to the right we see the main slopes of Eliivuori. Turn left and continue towards the Kiurala bridge. The landscapes of Kiurala and Kirkkovuolte with their magnificent cottages are beautiful.

When we return to Ellivuori, it is time to take a break, drop the anchor and enjoy some coffee. After the break, it’s time to enjoy a moment of momentum again and begin the journey back toward downtown. For the rest of the trip, there is still time to take it easy and enjoy the summer.

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