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Pyhäjärvi’s routes include several travel opportunities built around them. You can choose from the shorter Pyhä: Maisemareitti (31km), which can be explored as a relaxed day outing suitable for the entire family, or you can choose the longer Pyhä: Whole Tour (117km).

There is a lot to do and see along the trails and in the surroundings. You can choose your favorite destination and customize your own route to your liking. 

The actual starting point of the Pyhä route is Laukontori harbor in Tampere city center, but you can start from anywhere along your route and go around clockwise or counter-clockwise. With the longer Pyhä tour you can also use a ship or train for part of the journey. Here are our tips for the Pyhäjärvi route:

Pyhä: Maisemareitti (scenery tour) and Pyhä: Koko kierros (whole tour):


Siuronkoski is a rapids for big fish. The wonderful rapids scenery entices you to go fishing or kayaking. The rapid itself is also an attraction with its old power station buildings and stone bridges.


In the petting zoo of the Sankila manor, you can pet the animals and watch their activities. At the petting zoo you can meet, for example, bunnies, a donkey, a pig and ponies. You can get energy for the trip by putting a crumb under your chest in the courtyard cafe-bistro.

Hatanpää Arboretum

In the Hatanpää arboretum, you can acquaint yourself with trees, shrubs, perennials, annual summer flowers, and spice plants. The pearl of the arboretum is the rose garden, located south of the Hatanpää manor house. Take a moment to breathe in these beautiful surroundings or enjoy a coffee at the Hatanpää Mansion cafe. 

Pyhä: Koko kierros (whole tour)


Located in the immediate vicinity of Akaan Toijala’s busy railway yard, the distinctive Locomotive Museum presents old diesel and steam locomotives as well as track work machines. There are currently 12 locomotives on display.


Rapolanharju in Valkeakoski’s Sääksmäki is part of the national landscape of the Vanajavesi valley and a nationally important cultural landscape area. In addition to the remains of Finland’s largest ancient castle, the area contains remains of prehistoric dwellings, cemeteries, sacrificial stones and an ancient field. From Rapolanharju there is a wonderful view of Vanajavesi, and the Sääksmäki church from the Middle Ages and the Voipaala and Rapola manors are located in the immediate vicinity of the ridge.

Visavuori is the sculptor Emil Wikström’s artist home and studio serving as a museum. In Visavuori, there is also the Kari pavilion of Emil Wikström’s granddaughter, cartoonist Kari Suomalainen, where you can familiarize yourself with Kari’s production and changing exhibitions. The sculptor Emil Wikström (1864–1942), who belongs to the golden age of Finnish art, built his Karelian-inspired artist’s home on Visavuori’s Sääksmäki at the beginning of the 20th century. Now a museum, the interesting log castle serves as an excellent example of the artist life of the National Romantic period.


The beautiful Vehoniemi nature trail introduces you to the nature of the ridge. The route, which is about two kilometers long, runs through diverse nature on the slopes of the ridge, on the shore of Roinee and at the bottom of Supa in Uhkainlammi. The route goes through steep terrain in places, but thanks to the stairs and long trees, it is also excellent for children. The most convenient way to go to the nature trail is from the parking lot of the Vehoniemi car museum, where there is a guide board for the area. You should stop by the car museum’s cafe for a treat before or after the trip.


Laukko, located in the most beautiful lake region of Pirkanmaa, is mentioned in historical documents for the first time in 1416. Over the course of six centuries, the village of Laukko has grown into the Laukko manor of tales and stories. Today, Laukko is an experiential cultural mansion of the new millennium, which offers art exhibitions, park concerts and a high-quality summer restaurant. In the summer of 2024, Hopealinjat will cruise from Tampere’s lower shore to summer concerts and park concerts to Laukko Manor.


Kahvila Siiri’s famous cinnamon puns are the reason alone to head to Lempäälä by bike. Siiri’s villa milieu invites you to sit down and enjoy the beautiful lake scenery in addition to the delicacies.

You can also admire wonderful lake views in Vaihmala Hovi. Vaihmala Hovi is a hotel-restaurant in an idyllic country landscape on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi in Lempäälä. Also take a look at Vaihmala’s own boutique and make discoveries or relax at the day spa!


Pälkäne’s ruined church, St. Michael’s Church, was completed around the end of the 15th century. This medieval church suffered badly during the Battle of Kostianvirta (1713) and in the 1740s the foundations of the church built on sand land began to fail. The church was finally abandoned in 1839, when the new church in Pälkäne was completed.


The Näsijärvi route has three trunk routes and several travel opportunities built around them. Starting point is at Mustalahti harbour in Tampere but you can start from anywhere along the way.


In Ruovesi, you should stop by granary. The granary was built as a storehouse in the middle of the 19th century, and today the Ruovesi granary is an art exhibition space open during the summer, with a museum shop attached.

The steamship legend S/S Tarjanne, built in 1908, operates in the summer from Tampere via Ruovesi to Virrat on the historic poet road. Along the route you will see wonderful lake views and impressive natural landscapes that have inspired numerous Finnish artists.


The art city Mänttä-Vilppula is a versatile destination where you can easily spend a few days. For example, visit the Serlachius Museums. The Serlachius Headquarters is located in the city center, in the former company headquarters building. It features works from the extensive Serlachius art collection as well as rotating contemporary art exhibitions.

The other Serlachius Museum, the Manor, is located 2.5 km from Mänttä’s center and the headquarters. Art exhibitions spread throughout the former home manor of industrialist Gösta Serlachius and the award-winning wood architecture extension completed in 2014. The offerings include contemporary art by domestic and international artists, well-known names from the Golden Age of Finnish art, and old European art.

In the lakeside setting of the Serlachius Manor, there is also the Art Sauna, which offers experiences for lovers of sauna, art, design, and architecture. The Art Sauna was awarded the Tourism Innovation of the Year at the Finnish Travel Gala in November 2022.

Also stop by the Viinitupa Vuorenmaja to admire the scenery, eat delicious food and taste the wines!


At the end of Birchalley, in the middle of the fields stands a small red chocolate factory, Suklaatila, where tasty handmade pretzels, chocolate bars and other chocolate delicacies are born. The cafe and the factory store are definitely worth a visit!


Toriseva’s gorge lakes are famous for their steep shores and depth. You can admire the rugged scenery, for example, in the traditional Toriseva coffee house, founded in 1936 by the Lotta Svärd organization.

Virtai’s traditional village is located on Marttinen island in a beautiful cultural landscape. In Perinnekylä, you can get to know, for example, the life of the peasants in Virrat or the everyday life of the lumberjacks. The area also includes the War Veterans Museum, the Herraskoski canal and canal museum, and the restaurant Mikontalo.

Also chosen as village of the year, Killinkoski is one of the nationally significant built cultural environments. Killinkoski’s Old Tape Factory milieu has a diverse range of museums and exhibitions, and Killinkoski’s church is also worth a visit.


History, stories and treats. The route offers numerous holy places, as well as an ascent to Mount Pirunvuori. Handsome landscapes and sights, two medieval churches and the milieu and birthplaces that have inspired numerous national artists – they can all be found here along the Iron railway. Tip! You can also arrive in Sastamala by train. There are also two stations, Vammala and Karkku.


Tyrvää’s St. Olav’s or Tyrvää’s old church was built at the beginning of the 16th century. Its gable decorations and other features connect the church to the church group from Satakunta. On September 21, 1997, a fire completely destroyed the valuable interior of the church from the 17th-18th centuries. Reconstruction began quickly after the fire and the church was reopened in August 2003. The painters Kuutti Lavonen and Osmo Rauhala painted a total of 101 works of art for the church.

The Finnish book museum Pukstaavi is a cheerful and expressive home of books, where visitors of all ages enjoy themselves. The museum’s events and exhibitions shed light on the 500-year history of the Finnish book. The main exhibition From Incunaabel to e-book tells, for example, about the bookshelves of Finnish homes, the world of 17th-century book printers and the interesting fates of writers. The topics of the changing exhibitions are interesting book culture phenomena and people. At the same time, stop by the museum shop or sit in a cafe to enjoy the atmosphere of the old house.


A great destination for those who love peace and quiet roads! Wonderful sandy beaches in the middle of the forest, space to be and breathe, the whisper of tall fir trees. The undisputed stars of the route are the popular Seitseminen National Park with its numerous sites, the Kihniö Geopark sites, and the unique ITE art of the natural green Parkano. Tip! You can also arrive in Parkano by train.

Parkano ja Kihniö

Lauhavuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark is a wonderful experience that should not be missed when cycling along the intermediate route. The area’s marshy nature is unique and can be enjoyed at geosites and on guided routes. The swamp lives and breathes, and a fascinating story is hidden in its layers. The swamp has also provided people with a living and has been a part of our history.

Check out also the Forest Museum and the Radio Museum in Parkano!


The glimmering Lake Kyrösjärvi touches the walker’s joy numerous times on this run, and the strawberry fields draw a sweet smile to the mouth. You can admire the blue back of Lake Kyrösjärvi on both sides of the route, as well as the historically royal heights, where the Jämi section of this route flies.


At Luomajärvi’s inn, you will find a genuine country atmosphere and cute animals! The farm is home to Finnish horses, Estonian horses, a mini pig, a donkey, cats, different kind of chickens and bunnies, sheep and goats. Handsome horned cows graze next door. In Luomajärvi’s inn, you can experience the peace of the countryside and the atmosphere of the past in a genuine cultural-historical peasant milieu. This unique, warm little tourist farm is hosted by a local family.


Frantsilan Kehäkukka is located on the banks of Pappilanjoki, in an old school building that serves as a vegetarian restaurant and a cafe. Delicacies conjured from nature’s provisions are guaranteed to be delicious for cyclists. You can also find Frantsila’s store at the same address.

You should go to scenic roads berry farms to buy local products, from potatoes to eggs and colostrum, not forgetting strawberries! Scenic roads berry farms include Mäkikauppila farm, Nikkilä farm, Ylirautia farm and Yrjölä berry farm.


The Nature Sports Center Jämi offers accommodation and experiences in wonderful ridge landscapes.In Jämi, you can, for example, jog on its extensive network of trails, play frisbee golf, or try an ATV safari. In the adventure park, thrill-seekers of all ages can climb tracks of different levels and try a cable slide over 400 meters long! Also stop by sacrificial source, which is one of the most spectacular springs in Hämeenkangas. Sacrifices, such as food or valuables, have been made to the source, which is considered holy, in the past.


The red-earthed peasant courtyard of Hinttala’s Homeland Museum is located in Nokia in its original location. In the summer, you can explore the museum’s buildings on your own or with a guide. In the sheds of yard, you can make discoveries in artisans’ shops, and in addition, they organize exhibitions in the summer. Admission to the museum and exhibitions is free. A summer cafe serves customers in the Pytinki building.

The wonderful milieu of Tehdassaari with its buildings tells of the early years of the industrial history of the city of Nokia. The roots of the Nokia company can be found here!


Located in the heart of Pirkanmaa, in the national landscapes of Orivesi and Kangasala, Längelmävesi, which has also been chosen as the provincial lake of Pirkanmaa, is an excellent route choice for those interested in culture. Along the route, one can explore romantic rural landscapes, a clear-water lake, and unique art destinations.


Take a moment to visit the Sahalahti Museum Storeroom in Kangasala. Located in the church village of Sahalahti, the museum storeroom offers various exhibitions during the summer. Along the way, stop by the Kuhmalahti Taidepappila Art Center, situated in a lush environment, which is one of Finland’s oldest summer exhibition venues. In Kangasala, you will also find the Haralanharju observation tower, which offers magnificent lake views. In the summer, there is also a lovely café at the base of the lookout tower.


The Art Center Purnu, located in the centre of the most beautiful nature on the shore of lake Längelmä has plenty to see. In addition to exhibitions, you can enjoy a smoke sauna in the atmospheric surroundings!


The ridges on the eastern side of the Roine route are challenging, but the national landscapes, authentic rural scenery, and many beaches visible from the lookout towers along the ridge line reward those who conquer this route. On the route, you can access the services of Kangasala, Pälkäne, and Valkeakoski.

Valkeakoski & Kangasala

The charming café Mokka-Pirtti, also known from the humor series Kontio & Parmas and famous for its “rähmämunkki” pastries in, is worth a stop. Also, take a moment to admire the atmospheric Rönnvik winery in Laitikkala. The winery’s gardens and terraces are an excellent place to spend a summer day, and in the summer, Rönnvik also hosts art exhibitions.


The tour along the northern part of Lake Vanajavesi takes cyclists through Valkeakoski and Akaa’s Toijala. Along the way, you’ll find the most delightful spots!

Valkeakoski & Akaa

Akaa’s Haihuankoski is a lovely green oasis in the middle of Viiala. The rapids area, about a kilometer long, is also ideal for fishing enthusiasts. In Valkeakoski, the Ilola Farm is a place the whole family will enjoy! A visit to Ilola is crowned by the petting zoo, as well as goat therapy and walking sessions.


Read more about combining boat and train travel with the Lake Trails and explore the route maps in detail on the Lake Trails own website.