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Answer the following questions and find out, what type of Tampere visitor you are!

  1. The one thing I want from my holiday is…
    a) to spend time with my friends and family
    b) enjoy culture and history
    c) explore and gain new experiences
    d) sit back and relax
  2. In Tampere I would love to…
    a) go through the children’s top destinations
    b) see the latest art exhibitions and theatre shows
    c) chase an adrenaline rush with my friends
    d) treat myself and enjoy walks in the nature
  3. Which of these are a MUST during your visit to Tampere?
    a) Särkänniemi amusement park and the Moomin museum
    b) The Finlayson industrial area and Museum centre Vapriikki
    c) Pyynikki observation tower and an escape room
    d) Viikinsaari island and the Sauna restaurant Kuuma

Mostly a answers: Family-oriented traveler
Mostly b answers: Culture enthusiast
Mostly c answers: Active explorer
Mostly d answers: Sit back and relax

Check below the best tips for all types of Tampere visitors!

Family-oriented traveler

Your value time spent with your family, and a holiday wouldn’t just feel right if they aren’t there to share it with you. Luckily there is so much to see and do for the whole family, even the young ones!

Activities for the whole family: Särkänniemi is a all-time-favourite among kids and those with a heart of a kid. At the Doghill Fairytale Farm you get to know the farm animals, and for underwater life and wonders, head over to the Aquarium. In Flowpark Varala you can let your inner monkey free. Conquer the trees by climbing the ropeways, swing from tree to tree and fly like a bird on a zipline. For those looking to stay on the ground, you can go and have a fun competition on the Koulukatu Minigolf track. If you’re caught in the rain, fear not! You can find activities for a rainy day here.

Kid’s menu, please! Tampere has a great amount of kid-friendly restaurants. You can find children’s menus for example, at Restaurant Rosso and brewery restaurant Plevna Brewery. You can find more places to eat at from here.

Culture enthusiast

Art and history are close to your heart, and you are happy to spend your free time in a theatre or with other cultural entertainment. Why not head to Tampere, a city where almost every day is filled with arts and events!

Museums and theatre: Museum Centre Vapriikki is always stocked with permanent exhibitions and refreshed with new exhibits. There is certainly something for everyone! Artistic souls are treated with changing exhibitions in Tampere Art Museum and Sara Hildén Art Museum. Did you know that Tampere is also the theatre capital of Finland?

Whispers from the past: The city center of Tampere has a rich history. Absolute must visits are Tampere Cathedral, the Finlayson area and the lovely Tallipiha stable yards. You can enjoy the athmosphere of traditional wooden buildings and learn how workers used to live back in 1890s all the way to the 1960s in the Amuri Museum of Historic Housing.

Athmospheric restaurants: There are many lunch restaurants in Tampere Market Hall, one of which is highly regarded, 4 vuodenaikaa, specialised in French cousine. You can also enjoy the athmosphere of the days past and tasty food in Restaurant Heinätori and Restaurant Myllärit, both of which used to serve as buildings in agriculture and wheat production. You can find more heartwarming restaurants from this article.

Active explorer

You yearn for adventure and new experiences. Sitting in a hotel is not your thing, and you prefer to have your day scheduled with things to do and places to see. Tampere is a living city, and with these tips, you won’t be left bored.

Seeking for adrenaline: The Pyynikki observation tower on top of the Pyynikinharju ridge is one of the best known sighst of Tampere, but not many have landed from the tower with a rope! Guided abseilings are organized every week. You can also get perhaps the best doughnuts in all of Finland from their café at the base of the tower. You can also experience the city from above at Finlayson roof walk. Truly the best views of Tampere!

Fun for the body and the brain: You can challenge yourself or your group of friends in the many escape rooms of Tampere. You can also enjoy the drive of competition in Entertainment center ZBase and Hohtogolf West Coast. For guided outdoor activities, better call Hiking Travel HIT, for example, whom you can also rent all the equipment needed for your own adventure. True adrenaline junkies should try riding on a waterjet, a flyboard or wakeboard.

A culinary world tour: Tampere is home for many restaurants from around the world. You can head over to Maranga for a Mediterranean meal, Guru’s kitchen and bar for Middle Eastern flavour, to Mexico in Tacos ‘n’ Tequila, fly over to India in Nanda Dev and end up in Japan in Fujimi.

Sit back and relax

When you’re on a holiday, you’re on a holiday. All you ask for is some peace and quiet to relax in and Tampere is perfect for that! The urban nature is vibrant and there are many parks around the city – not to forget the stunning lakeshores. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon, accompanied by a good book!

Harmony of nature: Nature is never far away in Tampere. Both Pyynikinharju ridge and Kauppi forest are filled with amazing trails with even better views to the serene lakeland sceneries. Almost untouched nature can be found in Kintulammi hiking area and nature reserve, for example. During the summer months, you can reach the Viikinsaari island with a boat onboard from Laukontori. The trip lasts 20 minutes one way, and it’s very easy to spend the whole day on the beautiful island. You can find more nature destinations from this article here.

Relax in a sauna: Tampere is also known as the Sauna Capital of the World, and no wonder why – there are over 55 public saunas in the region! The best place to relax your body and mind is the “löyly”, steams of a sauna. The best löyly can be found right in the city center in Sauna restaurant Kuuma, or in Rauhaniemi Folk Spa on the shores of lake Näsijärvi. An artistic sauna experience can be found every Tueseday in the Serlachius Museum’s Art Sauna. More hot saunas can be found from this article.

Calming restaurant experiences: Along the Tammerkoski rapids in the rooms of an old cotton factory is nowadays a wonderful Restaurant Tampella, where you can enjoy great food in an amazing mileu. For calming sunset views of the city, you can head to Restaurant Näsinneula or Restaurant Periscope. You won’t regret it!