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Retro offers a time jump to another world

Retro – Särkänniemi Arcade is a traditional token game hall located next to the main entrance of Särkänniemi. The game hall, which previously served as the lobby for Dolphinarium and Superpark, offers various pinball machines, claw machines and other arcade games for the enjoyment of both youngsters and grown-ups no matter the weather. The arcade is located outside of the amusement park area, so you don’t need to buy a ticket to enter.

The suppliers of Retro’s arcade machines are Pinnball Union, Reprocade and HB Leisure.

Retro arcade games operate with tokens, which can be purchased from the nearby Pinball Cafe. The claw machines operate with card payment. There are no cash prize games in Retro or anywhere else in Särkänniemi.

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