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Tamperrada Pintxo Week

In August Tampere will be again full of cheerful atmosphere, when local restaurants participate in the Bailliage’s “Tamperrada” fiesta including a competition for the best pintxo.


The Tamborrada Festival in San Sebastian, Spain, was the original inspiration for this food fest – a play on words did the rest. In 2017, during the week of August 14-18 some 25,000 customers visited the restaurants participating in the competition and consumed around 250,000 pinxtos!

The Basque word “pintxo” (Spanish: pincho) means a small snack. Typically eaten in bars, the many varieties are traditional in northern Spain. In the Basque country and Navarre the snacks are regarded as a cornerstone of local culture and society given their socialising aspect.

Related to tapas, the main difference is that pintxos are usually spiked (in Spanish “pincho” = spike hence the name of the snack) with a skewer or toothpick, often to a piece of bread. They are served in individual portions always being ordered and paid for independently from the drinks.


Tampere – now known locally as the San Sebastian of Finland – and its “Tamperrada” are a tribute to good food. The 2019 Pintxo Week competition will fulfill the need for savoury experiences August 19 – 23.



19.08.2019-23.08.2019 10:00-22:00

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